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Live like an athlete one meal at a time.



  1. a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.
  2. a person that sets physical goals and trains for them.
  3. YOU.


At Tribe Kitchen we prepare paleo and vegan inspired meals right here on Long Island for our tribe of everyday athletes. (That's you) We take the time to prepare amazing (really amazing) meals using quality health supportive whole foods so that you have the time to live like an athlete! 

Live like an athlete.

Athletes don't diet and exercise, they eat and train.

Everyday athletes eat and train to:

          ~ have the endurance to work all day and still do the laundry.

          ~ chase their children around for the 134th time just to hear them giggle.

          ~ hear, "wow, how do you do it?".

          ~ fit into their jeans.

         ~ crush their goals.

You are an everyday athlete.

Welcome to our tribe.

Imagine fueling your body for optimal performance, training to be mentally and physically strong, and being proud of the choices you make for living your healthiest life. Tribe Kitchen provides the fuel to make this all possible for you. 

We cook, you lift.
We clean, you stretch.
We go food shopping, you sleep in.
You eat good, you feel good!


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To order or chat: jamie@jamiepiecora.com


20 Abets Creek Path

East Patchogue, NY 11772


Delivery Hours

To Workplace:

M and W 7a–12p

To Gym or Yoga Studio
M and W 5p–10p

To Home:
Su and Tu 5p-10p

Sisters Menu

The following is a seasonal vegan menu prepared specifically for the Sisters at The Living Room Brooklyn! All meals were designed to nourish your body and calm your mind after an invigorating sweat sesh with the one and only, Erica.

All I want is for you to recognize yourself as an athlete, inspire you to eat delicious foods that will fuel your life and for you to become the healthiest and happiest you have ever been. It’s all fun and games (and good food) in our tribe! Welcome!

 ~ Love, Your Athletic Chef, Jamie

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